Head of Department: 

Miss L Connolly


Teaching Staff: 

Mrs JM Perry, Mrs C Collings-Backhouse, Mrs S Howell, Mrs L Floyd, Mrs N Swan,

Mrs R Webb, Miss MacKay, Miss R Spittles, Miss S Sweet, Miss H Jones, Mrs A Bath,

Miss K Bannister (maternity leave)


All students are assessed throughout each year in the three key strands of Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening. Skills in these areas are developed through focus on a range of fiction and non-fiction texts. Students study Shakespeare every year and prose writing from the English Literary tradition, as well as engaging with the work of contemporary writers and poets. The study of non-fiction texts is interleaved throughout each term in every year of KS3.


Year 7

Autumn Term Theme: The Craft of the Writer

To include a study of the characters of Charles Dickens.


Spring Term Theme: The Supernatural

To include the study of a novel.


Summer Theme: Transformation

To include a study of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare.


Year 8

Autumn Term Theme: Conflict

To include a study of Macbeth by William Shakespeare.

Spring Term Theme: The Craft of the Writer

The study of a range of different literary genre (including fairy-tale / fantasy / dystopian fiction) and their characteristics.

Summer Term Theme: Investigating the Author

To include the study of a novel.


Year 9

  • Women in Society

  • An Prose Anthology of Women Writers

  • Poetry: Character and Voice

  • Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing

  • Introduction to GCSE text: Jane Eyre OR An Inspector Calls



All students study AQA GCSE English Language and Literature. We follow two routes through the course of study. One cohort completes GCSE English Language in Year 10, sitting their examination in the summer exam period (May/June) at the end of Year 10. The second cohort studies both courses for two years, sitting exams in both English Language and English Literature at the end of Year 11.


The course of study is as follows:

  • A 19th century novel - Jane Eyre or Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

  • A modern text - Lord of the Flies or An Inspector Calls

  • AQA poetry anthology: Love and Relationships

  • Explorations in Creative Writing

  • Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives

  • Spoken Language



  • A-Level English Literature - Specification A (AQA)

  • A-level English Language (AQA)

  • Film Studies (WJEC)



Key Stage 3:

  • Year 9 trip to Beamish

  • Year 7 trip to the Christmas play at the Northern Stage

  • Library reading group

  • Library writing group

  • Creative Writing and Poetry group


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