A Unique Ethos

Sacred Heart School is founded upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ, His teachings and values as seen in the light of the tradition of the Society of the Sacred Heart. The Society has always devoted itself to promoting the education of women and the pursuit of academic excellence.

Each student is entitled to a curriculum which is broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated to suit her individual needs. The school aims to encourage and challenge each student to achieve her full potential. Within this broad framework our aim is that she will:


  • Be respected for her personal worth and dignity as a woman and be supported and cared for appropriately
  • Be guided and helped towards spiritual development with opportunities for prayer and worship
  • Be helped to develop a broad vision of the world, an awareness of environmental issues and a willingness to express concern in action
  • Be encouraged to develop a caring attitude to those around her
  • Develop knowledge of, respect for, and tolerance of other races, religions and cultures
  • Develop competence in communication and numeracy
  • Understand and experience technological processes and attain an awareness of technology’s impact on society
  • Enjoy a range of cultural, aesthetic and leisure pursuits
  • Be guided and helped towards mental and physical well-being
  • Be encouraged to develop self-discipline and to take responsibility for her decisions and actions
  • Enjoy her years at Sacred Heart. 

Talk to any of our Sixth Form students and it will quickly become clear how this ethos enriches their lives.


The Best Teaching and Learning

The success of our sixth form has resulted in a diverse range of subjects available to study. Students are taught in small groups by dedicated and focused teachers, comfortable with the rigours of A-Level. Sacred Heart is a Teaching School, recognised nationally as able to train and develop the most effective teachers in the country. Ofsted graded our post-16 leadership, teaching and learning and achievement as outstanding.


The purposeful atmosphere and amazing facilities has helped to attract the very best teachers and learners. Most students will have two teachers per subject, responsive to curriculum change and well versed in the latest teaching and learning methodology. A walk through our Sixth Form lessons would reveal a wide range of learning experiences to incorporate group work, traditional lectures, creative presentations and discussions, study skills, independent working and practising past questions.


At Sacred Heart, it is not just about covering the curriculum in detail. Our subject teachers are well versed in preparing their students for the transition to university. Our teachers have maintained excellent links with prestigious universities, both near and far. Last year over thirty visits were made to universities to take part in taster sessions or extension and enrichment days. Widening horizons and setting challenging but goals is part of our work. Academic success is essential, impressive grades help our students to be accepted for study at the best universities. But our education is for life. Our teachers nurture a ‘growth mindset’ in our students. This ensures that our students are learners for life, supported by a strong moral framework.


World Class Facilities

Sacred Heart is blessed with wonderful facilities. The Sixth Form has its own dedicated building. Here you can find study areas, ICT facilities and a common room, along with eight specialist classrooms. Subjects such as sociology, psychology, business studies, economics, and health and social care are taught here. The majority of subjects are still delivered on our main school site. In a convent garden setting, state of the art buildings house specialist facilities required for a curriculum that demands academic excellence.


All rooms have the latest smartboard technology, and student access to ICT anywhere in school, via our extensive use of laptops. We have six dedicated ICT rooms. ICT allows students to access a myriad of resources via our virtual learning environment, and the opportunity to give feedback and pose questions to staff using Edmodo and SMyLE. For scientists, eight laboratories provide relevant equipment for practical chemistry, physics and biology. The school positively exudes creativity, with three dance and drama studios, three fully equipped music rooms, four practice rooms, a dedicated sixth form art studio, two textiles work spaces, hard technology areas and a ceramics building.


Our students are encouraged to follow a healthy lifestyle through a number of sports teams and activities, based in the sports hall, with its own fitness suite, and on our sports field, tennis and netball courts.




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