Students experience a range of making skills to develop an understanding of materials and their properties.

Year 7 skills developed: 

  • Market Research Analysis

  • Product Analysis 

  • Design Development

  • Hand sewing 

  • Sewing machine skills

  • Cutting & Measuring  


Year 8 skills developed: 

  • Market Research Analysis 

  • Product Analysis 

  • Moodboard 

  • Design Development 

  • Testing Techniques 

  • Surface embellishment: Hand embroidery, Appliqué, CAD Embroidery 

  • Stencil printing, tie & dye  

  • Sewing machine skills developed   

  • Selecting and using range of components 


Year 9 skills developed: 

  • Market Research Analysis 

  • Design Development 

  • Critical designer analysis  

  • Hand embroidery, Appliqué, CAD Embroidery 

  • fabric manipulation 

  • Stencil printing and tie & dye  

  • Quilting and beadwork 

  • Sewing machine and construction skills 




GCSE Textile Design:

Component 1: Portfolio (60% of GCSE across Year 10 and Year 11) – students experiment with different textiles techniques. They will look at a range of artists and textile designers for inspiration and respond to their theme. Fashion illustration skills will be developed and students will work towards a final outcome(s).

Component 2: Externally set assignment (40% of GCSE, preparatory period followed by 10 hours supervised time) – students respond to their chosen starting point and develop a range of experiments and ideas. They complete a final piece in the 10 hour exam.


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