"7UP" Social Mobility Project

  • Promote the social mobility of Pupil Premium and Gifted and Talented students

  • Promote academic progression at all Key Stages in these groups

  • Identify barriers to social mobility: material deprivation, cultural deprivation and lack of aspiration

  • Raise aspiration for both groups


Year 1
  • 25 Year 8 students and 35 Year 12 students have already been selected (PP and G&T)

  • Staff briefings Ethos and T&L

  • Research barriers to mobility and aspiration including surveys, interviews, student notebooks, photos and observations

  • Promote aspiration, confidence and progression through students contracts

  • Contracts central, would include academic, pastoral and aspirational targets and based on incentives to be delivered in Year 8

  • Contracts would also include notebook use, morning briefing and prep time

  • ‘Inkblot’ approach encouraged if possible

  • Year 12 would have further targets of EPQ, university preparation such as coaching Year 7s, ‘social skills’ and encourage ‘Eton Model’ of clubs and activities

  • Contact with CEM Centre Durham University, academics at Northumbria and Durham University, SJP Educational Social Mobility Conference, Northern Stage etc. to seek further opportunities

  • Report on initial findings


Year 2
  • Role based on SENCO

  • Expanded to include Years 7, 9, 11, 12

  • Aspirational opportunities central e.g. trips, Speakers4Schools, clubs, university ties etc.

  • Bespoke approach to students and coaching/monitoring key

  • ‘3 in Me’ Parental Involvement promoted

  • Contracts refined

  • New academic approaches tried e.g. S.Mitra’s Remote Learning

  • Whole staff involvement

  • Speak to pupils in their own ‘voice’

  • Seek knowledge from other educational and professional bodies

  • Underpin all with Phd study

  • Export model to other schools