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A group of students in Years 10, 11 and 12 will come together this term to celebrate black history through Rosanna Amaka’s amazing debut novel, Book of Echoes. 

Girls have a month to read the book and will meet in December for a book discussion and a Q&A session with the author herself!

Keep an eye out for the next book club – details to follow next term!

"Brixton, 1981.  Sixteen-year-old Michael is already on the wrong side of the law.  In his community, where job opportunities are low and drug-running is high, this is nothing new. When Michael falls for Ngozi, a vibrant young immigrant from the Nigerian village of Obowi, their startling connection runs far deeper than they realise. Narrated by an African woman who lost her life on a slave ship two centuries earlier, this powerful story reveals how Michael and Ngozi’s struggle for happiness began many lifetimes ago. Through haunting, lyrical words, one unforgettable message resonates: love, hope and unity will heal us all."

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