"A school will stand or fall by its relationships. The relationship between staff and students in our school communities gives shape to the mission of those schools."

Mary Cavanagh, rscj. January 2000


The development of community values is already an important part of life in Fenham. Our focus on the Goal helped us articulate what we do and place it within the wider context of Sacred Heart education.

Activities varied widely from those organised by small groups of students to those which involve us in local, national and international work. All have their part to play in making the school a vibrant, caring and outgoing community.

During the course of the year we strengthened the links with other Sacred Heart schools in England. One of our first steps in this direction was the production of a film to celebrate the feast of St. Philippine Duchesne, a pioneering sister who founded the Sacred Heart mission in the USA. The film, which was edited here at Fenham, included input from all the schools in the English province and was used by students in all six schools as a focus for joint prayer on St. Philippine’s feast day.
Links with our sister school in Hammersmith were strengthened by a joint music project.

Looking further afield a group of Sixth Form girls raised £1500 per student to finance their visit to the Sacred Heart Secondary School in Kalungu, Uganda. They spent time helping to improve the physical conditions in the school, led activities with the children and met some of their families.

For a chance to see something of the places which our students visited, click on the following link where you can see a short film of the local Primary School run by the Sisters of the Sacred Heart.