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‘ELB’ is a training programme designed by teachers from the following North East Teaching Schools:

  • Carmel College

  • Cardinal Hume Catholic School

  • Harton Technology College

  • Sacred Heart High School, Fenham

  • St. Mary’s Catholic School, Newcastle

  • St. Thomas More Catholic School, Blaydon




  • ELB is a sister programme to ‘Every Lesson Outstanding’

  • It was written in response to ELO delegate feedback, requesting a staff development programme which specifically addresses how to tackle students who are more difficult to engage

  • The aim is to move the focus from ‘teaching’ to ‘learning’, by supporting young people to develop better learning behaviours

  • No matter where we are in our career, there will be classes and individuals who pose a challenge…this programme aims to provide a toolkit of approaches to be tried and tested!​

To book a place on our next Effective Learning Behaviours programme please send an email to Joanne Smith:

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