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Programme Content

Progress | Assessment | Challenge | Engagement | Dialogue (PACED)


Session 1: Progress
  • To define progress and understand what it looks like in the classroom

  • To understand the tipping points between good and outstanding T&L

  • To understand the importance of planning for progress and to be able to plan lessons using students starting points


Session 2: Assessment
  • To define AfL / AoL and differentiation

  • To recognise the impact of these approaches and how they can be used to reshape learning

  • To extend teachers practice through the application of a range of assessment and differentiation strategies


Session 3: Challenge and Engagement
  • To investigate the use of differentiation strategies for providing challenge for all

  • To consider the significance of teacher presence in promoting enthusiasm and enjoyment

  • To examine how to create conditions in the classroom to make students think

  • To explore what makes learning engaging and how to add challenge


Session 4: Dialogue
  • To understand what makes outstanding questioning

  • To promote the importance of group talk in the learning process

  • To plan, manage and support outstanding dialogue in the classroom

  • To model effective communication skills

To book a place on our next Every Lesson Outstanding programme please send an email to Joanne Smith:

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