"As second generation interpreters of the tradition of Sacred Heart education, you have inherited an educational philosophy that places relationships and the individual student, heart, body and mind, at the centre valuing each person as a unique gift. This is key, it is a faith enterprise of its very nature."

Mary Hinde, rscj


Our focus for 2012-2013 was the Goal of Faith. It offered us a chance to reflect on our core values and how we can further develop an open, inclusive school community. As ever, we aimed to provide a wide range of experiences in the school’s prayer life. One very successful new venture was the visit of the father of one of our staff - he led staff in a Quaker style meeting and then spoke to classes and gave them a chance to experience silent prayer in the Quaker manner. 

We are also developing our links with the Sacred Heart Primary School. In October the whole Primary School joined Year 7 for a special assembly to celebrate the Feast of Mater Admirabilis. This is one of the major feasts in the life of the Society of the Sacred Heart. Members of Year 7 who were former pupils at the Primary School led the very successful assembly.

Our end of year Mass was celebrated with its usual mix of enthusiasm and reflection. Inspired by the visit of the Lindisfarne Gospels to Durham we used the symbol of the Celtic knot to reflect on our talents and focus on the fact that we are all intertwined with each other. The multicultural nature of the school was also emphasised by girls reading prayers in their mother tongues. Fr. Jim and Fr. Cornelius contributed words spoken in Italian and Gaelic.

The Goal was incorporated into preparations for our YMT led Mission.


To download a copy of our faith poster, please click on the link below: