Head of Department

Mrs L Banfield


Teaching Staff

Mr I Bradley, Mr D Douglass, Miss A Buckley, Miss S Lewis, Miss C Thompson



Key Stage 3


Year 7
  • Introduction to Geography

  • The Physical Geography of the UK

  • The Human Geography of the UK

  • Weather and climate

  • Ecosystems


Year 8
  • Population

  • Natural Resources – Energy and Water

  • Development and Africa

  • Water on the Land

  • Geography in the News


Year 9
  • Tectonic hazards

  • Global world

  • Weather hazards

  • Geographical skills

  • Fieldwork in Geography



Key Stage 4


AQA Geography GCSE

Topic 1 – Living with the Physical World (35%): 1 hour 30 minute exam

  • Natural Hazards: Tectonic hazards, tropical storms, extreme weather and climate change: Understanding the causes of hazards, how they affect people and how we manage them.

  • Physical landscapes: Coasts and rivers – how they shape our landscape, affect people’s lives and how we are working to manage coastal and river processes.

  • The living world: Ecosystems, tropical rainforests and cold environments (the arctic/ Antarctic) – understanding the characteristics, value and the need for protection. 


Topic 2 – Challenges in the Human World (35%): 1 hour 30 minute exam

  • Urban issues and challenges: Exploring the challenges and opportunities in cities around the world.

  • Changing economic world: The differences in global quality of life, strategies to reduce the development gap and economic growth.

  • Challenges of resource management: Global distribution of energy, food and water, changing demand for resources and strategies to cope with supply issues.


Topic 3 – Geographical Applications (30%): 1 hour 15 minute exam

  • Critical thinking in Geography: problem solving using a range of geographical issues

  • Fieldwork: completing fieldwork and research out of the classroom to investigate geographical processes.

Key Stage 5
Edexcel A Level
Extra Curricular

We offer fieldwork opportunities at key stage 3, 4 and 5:

  • Year 9 visit to Marsden Bay

  • Year 10/11 visit to Newlands Valley, Lake District

  • Year 12 visit to Northumberland coastline

  • Year 13 foreign trip, currently to Iceland.


Last updated: September 2019

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