Head of Department

Ms L Power


Teaching Staff 

Mrs W Hills, Ms E Carpenter, Miss P Tyrer


Key Stage 3


Year 7
  • What is History?

  • The Norman Conquest

  • Castles and the Church

  • Medieval Life

  • Changing Tudors

  • Cousins and Queens


Year 8
  • The English Civil War

  • Republic, Restoration and Revolution

  • Industrial Britain

  • The British Empire

  • Transatlantic Slave Trade

  • Parliament and Protest


Year 9
  • Changing Role of Women

  • The Trenches of World War One

  • World War Two Battlegrounds

  • The Holocaust

  • Cold War Tensions

  • US Civil Rights

Key Stage 4


Year 10: AQA 
  • Paper 1A: Democracy and Dictatorship, Germany 1890-1945

  • Paper 1B: Conflict and Tension, The First World War 1894-1918

  • Paper 2A: Health and the People, Britain c.1000-present day (completed in Year 11)


Year 11:
  • Paper 2A: Health and the People, Britain c.1000-present day (continued)

  • Paper 2B: Elizabethan England, c. 1568-1603


Key Stage 5


AQA A level

Years 12 and 13:


  • Unit 1: The Tudors, England 1485-1603, Breadth Study

  • Unit 2: Revolution and Dictatorship, Russia 1917-1953, Depth Study 

  • Unit 3: US Civil Rights c. 1865-1975, Historical investigation, non-examined assessment

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