The power of positive relationships experienced across the community cannot be doubted. In our aim to develop the strengths of our school we place enormous emphasis on this aspect of our community life. From such relationships we are all encouraged to develop our gifts and talents in a positive environment.

2011-2012 had the Goal of intellect as its focus. For this we concentrated on the Gifts and Talents of both staff and students.

The year began with staff training where, as a staff, we reflected on the ways in which we can all make use of our diverse talents for the benefit of the girls.

As well as our ongoing activities in connection with this Goal, there have been some new initiatives this year including a joint English/History visit to London, English students’ attendance at Newcastle University Lectures, participation in events linked to the London Olympics and the re-birth of our debating society. A cross curricular project linked to the Turner Prize, which was held at Baltic, was a high profile event involving a large number of staff and students. Our Learning Support Department also enjoyed success in Jamie Oliver’s cooking competition where one of our Sixth Form students was one of the national winners.



1. The Turner Prize cross curricular activities
2. Creative writing
3. Composition - music
4. Visits to Berlin and Barcelona
5. Visit to the First World War Battlefields
6. Laying a wreath at the Menin Gate, Ypres
7. Suffragette rally at Beamish
8. Geography fieldwork
9. Headstart courses in Maths and engineering
10. Debates and discussions in Science - The Infinite Monkey Cage
11. Sixth Form participation in the Lessons from Auschwitz project
12. Participation in The Holocaust Memorial Day Civic Remembrance
13. Jamie Oliver Cooking Competition
14. Olympic based activities
15. Chaplaincy retreats/YMT led activities