Head of Department

Mrs K Palma


Teaching Staff

Miss M Baldwin, Mrs R Burgess, Miss S Hall, Mrs J Richardson


Key Stage 3


Year 7 Topics 
  • Introduction to performance skills 

  • Greek Theatre

  • Shakespeare – the text will be chosen in relation to the Royal Shakespeare Associate School Programme

  • Commedia Dell’ Arte

  • An introduction to Naturalism 


Year 8 Topics 
  • Musical Theatre

  • Theatre In Education

  • Devising from a Stimulus

  • Modern Theatre

  • Story Telling


  • An Introduction to Choreography 

  • Analysing professional works: Swansong & Rosas Danst Rosas 

  • American Jazz 

  • Contemporary Dance 


Year 9 Topics 
  • Performing from a Text: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

  • Devising from a stimulus 

  • Performing from a Text: Noughts and Crosses 

  • Analysing Live Theatre 


Key Stage 4


Drama GCSE (AQA) 
  • Component 1: Written exam (1hr. 45 minutes)  

  • Component 2: Devising Drama (Practical moderation with written coursework) 

  • Component 3 Script into Practice (Practical exam with visiting examiner) 


Dance GCSE (AQA) 
  • Component 1: Dance Appreciation (Written exam, 1 hr. 30 minutes) 

  • Component 2: Performance and Choreography (practical moderation) 


Key Stage 5


Theatre Studies A2 (AQA) 
  • Component 1: Drama and Theatre (3 hr. Written exam)  

  • Component 2: Creating original Drama (Practical exam with written coursework) 

  • Component 3 Making Theatre (Practical exam with written coursework) 

Dance A2 (AQA) 
  • Component 1: Critical Engagement (Written exam, 2 hr. 30 minutes) 

  • Component 2: Performance and Choreography (practical exam with visiting examiner) 



Extra Curricular
Annual Performances


  • Christmas Pantomime December Year 12/13 

  • Dance Showcase March/April All Year Groups 

  • RSC Associate School Production June KS3 Students 


Working with Professional Companies

In addition to staff lead extracurricular activities the department offers a wide range of opportunities for students lead by practitioners from professional companies. 


Northern Stage 
Y13 Devising workshops focusing on Component 3 of the AQA specification.  
Y12 workshops focusing on Component 2 of the AQA specification.  

Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC)
As an RSC Lead Associate School we work closely with the RSC professionals and our partner theatre Northern Stage. This year’s projects include student in an Associate school production of Much Ado About Nothing.  


Dance City 
Dance City CAT scheme recruitment opportunities 
Workshops with Geoff Hopson for KS4 and 5 
Work experience placements at Sacred Heart for final year degree students 
Phoenix Dance Theatre 
Key stage 3 and 4 recruitment for Gateway Project and Phoenix Youth Company  
GCSE workshops focusing on component 1 of the specification 

Last updated: July 2021