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Leading the Next Generation

In the realm of sports, effective leadership often becomes the linchpin of a successful event. A quintessential example of commendable leadership was observed during the recent 'Your Time' Sport Leaders event, where our Year 10 Sports Leaders showcased exceptional organisational prowess and foresight. In Year 10, over 20 students applied to complete the Sports Leaders "Your Time" award. Of the applications, only 6 could be granted the opportunity to complete the qualification.

Know as 'Your Time' because of the high level of independence required to complete, the 6 students have spent many hours studying what makes a good sports leader, developing knowledge and skills appropriate for all walks of life. The assessment stage consists of the planning and successful delivery of a sporting event. This year, the leaders choose a sports day for Year 5 Sacred Heart Primary students.

From meticulously planning the logistics to ensuring the well-being of the students, their approach was holistic and inclusive. By emphasising clear communication, they fostered a spirit of cooperation among teams. Their adept leadership not only ensured the smooth execution of the event but also left a lasting impact on participants, setting a new benchmark for future sports events to be led by next year’s successful leaders. A huge congratulations to Seb, Anna, Kyrie, Alexa, Livia and Stephanie. Well done!


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