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Head Girls Trip to London

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

We (Rinedi, Clare, Surina and Gloria) were lucky enough to visit London earlier this month, along with 4 children from Sacred Heart Primary, Mrs Howell, and Mrs Brown to attend the 180 Years Celebration and Carol Service for Sacred Heart, Woldingham at Westminster Cathedral with other Sacred Heart schools from across the UK.

Despite a last minute train cancellation, we arrived at Kings Cross only half an hour late and took the tube to the Cathedral where Woldingham were having their lunch. Westminster Cathedral was an amazing venue and we were luckily able to visit the Sacred Heart Chapel before the carols began.

It was an absolutely beautiful service, and we had the best seats in the house - behind the altar, where the choir were. The music was wonderful, and we sang so many carols! Woldingham had prepared some beautiful arrangements, one of them even composed by one of their own students. We met the head girls from Hammersmith Sacred Heart School who were friendly and kind; it was wonderful to have the opportunity to create these links with other Sacred Heart Schools. Before getting the Train back, we went to get a pizza near the station, which was a lovely end to our visit to London.

Sacred Heart Head Girls



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