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Remembrance Assemblies

This week all assemblies in school have focused on the theme of Remembrance.

We have reminded ourselves of what this time of remembrance is all about, why we remember, who we are remembering and how we can get involved and show our respect.

We honoured the service and sacrifice of the armed forces from the UK, the Commonwealth and the countries who fought alongside us in the First and Second World War, in the Falklands, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq and many more conflicts.

We remember all those who supported them: those who worked in munitions factories, women who took on jobs to keep their country running, the men and women of the resistance.

We also remembered those in uniformed service in this country, and were grateful for their dedication and courage.

We remember that they are not characters or names from fiction or poetry but they were someone’s father, sister, son and friend.

Joan Buhalagarha played the last post while all year groups paused for 2 minutes in silence to honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice.



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