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Y10 Careers Visit to The Sill – Northumberland National Park

A group of 13-year 10 Design Technology students attended a careers event at the Sill National Park in Northumberland.

This was organised by NE1 Can with the aim of enhancing student awareness of a wide range of careers within a unique setting. Students watched a presentation all about our fabulous national park, everything from how it serves the public, local community, supports wildlife and its importance as one the few places where we can witness dark night skies. We were then given a tour of the visitors' centre, impressive roof top walk, shop and café.

The design of the centre was of particular interest to Design Technology students as it mirrors the actual wind sill in the surrounding landscape and has been designed to complement nature and almost blend into it.

Next was a design challenge activity where students from different schools had to work as a team to create and pitch a promotional event that would attract additional visitors to the Sill. They paid particular attention to their target market and how to design an event with accompanying promotional merchandise, food and events to suit a specific purpose whilst raising revenue.

The day was rounded off with a picturesque walk near part of Hadrian's wall to view the actual wind sill and learn more about the diverse range of career opportunities working within a national park.

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