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Year 13 Students Primed to Become the Master Chefs of the Future

On January 17th, Year 13 Food Science & Nutrition students attended a workshop at the cookery school of celebrated local restaurant Blackfriars. The building dates back to 1239 when the restaurant served as the refectory for the 'Black Friars' of Newcastle. Today, they are open for lunch and dinner and also have hundreds of events in the banquet hall, cookery school and tasting room.

The event was organised by NE1Can as part of a programme of events bringing together a cross-sector businesses and education establishments across the city and wider region. The aim is to deliver real-life careers advice, insight, and inspiration whilst raising aspiration and ambition within the workforce of tomorrow.

Our Year 13 students were lucky to gain a place at the prestigious workshop with cookery school chef and Master Chef semi-finalist Anthony O'Shaughnessy.

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