Research & Development

Our Research

We are highly commited to ongoing R&D. Working with staff, students and partner schools, we have a range of projects looking at areas as diverse as 3D priniting and Social Mobility.


3D Printer Project - Context

The Secretary of State for Education allocated £500,000 to enable up to 60 teaching schools to purchase a 3D printer of their own, and training for staff at those schools. The 3D printer project offically ran for one year, concluding in December 2014. However, as a school we have continued our R&D development in this area, recently partnering with another school (St. Cuthbert's, Newcastle) to explore additional ideas.

Details of our 3D printer project can be seen by clicking the button on the right.



'7 UP' Social Mobility project -Context
  • Biggest inhibitor to academic progress is social background- How can this be addressed?

  • Sixth Form research- A feelingthat skills and aspirations could be enhanced

  • Increasing social divide on macro and micro level? How can we help?

  • Are our best students really 'outstanding' in a national context? How can we support them in applications to top universities?


Concept - Build aspiration and track progress from Year 7, for seven years, to Year 13 hence ‘7Up’. Details can be found by clicking the button on the right.