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Huge congratulations to all of our Year 13 students who have shown incredible resilience, working so hard over the last two years. As a Year group you were unable to sit your GCSE examinations in 2020 and so this summer’s exams are the first external assessments you have ever taken, which makes your achievements even more special. We are very proud of you all! 

The results this year are exceptionally good and are testament to the commitment of our girls and the teachers who taught them. It has been a real challenge to catch-up after Covid and all the disruptions that came with the pandemic – the perseverance and sheer determination of our students is commendable. 

We have our first ever 5 A* student this year, as well as a good number of girls with all A*s or a combination of A*s and A grades going off to read Bio Chemistry and Medicine at Oxford and Cambridge,  as well as other high tariff courses at the best universities in this country. We have 7 students who will study medicine at Glasgow, Cardiff, Brighton and Sussex, Newcastle, and Sunderland. We have also had great success with our vocational courses, with students achieving the highest Distinction* grades. 

The resilience you have all shown under such conditions is quite remarkable. You are all exceptional, inspiring, and talented young women and we couldn’t be more pleased and proud of you. 


Congratulations to all our Year 11 students who received their GCSE results today. After the challenges posed by the pandemic and the interruptions to their education, our girls have done amazingly well and we are very proud of them.

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