Our Goal for 2014-1015 is Social Awareness. During this year students will be encouraged to consider what is meant by the term and how they can be become active participants in local and national issues. As ever, this is supported by the prayer life of the school whether in tutor time, assemblies, chapel activities or curriculum based visits to the chapel.


Activities undertaken during the first term have included:


  • Production of art work for the chapel at St. Catherine’s Residential Home

  • Tea dances at St. Catherine’s Residential Home

  • ‘Can for Christmas’ to collect food for local food banks

  • Production of charity Christmas cards

  • ‘Out with the old. In with the new’ - to collect clothes for the 5p bus

  • Christmas card writing for Amnesty International

  • Justice and Peace Group lunch time discussions where speakers are invited to come and share their experiences of working in a variety of situations eg newly released prisoners and their re-integration into the community