Contextual Information 

Sacred Heart Catholic High School has 1433 girls including 302 in the Sixth Form and is part of a multi-academy trust, the Bishop Bewick Catholic Education Trust


  • Levels of deprivation are above average and our school deprivation indicator is high, around 80th percentile.   45% live in one of the 10% most deprived wards nationally and 10% live in the 1% most deprived areas

  • Currently, 39% of Year 13 are from families in which they are first generation applications to Higher Education

  • Overall points per entry to Sixth Form in 2019 was 36.41 for GCE equating to an average grade of B-.  Vocational 31.94 equating to an average grade of Distinction

COVID Contingencies from March - July

From Monday 23rd March, Sacred Heart Catholic High School was open only to our most vulnerable students as per Government guidelines.


  • Teachers were required to upload online tasks and resources for students to undertake remote learning. However, no live online teaching took place

  • 9 hours per subject per fortnight was set, in line with timetabled hours

  • No formal assessment took place during this time

  • On Monday 22 June, Year 12 returned for one 30 minute ‘face-to-face’ subject specific session with teachers. The purpose of the session was to check up on home learning to date and share new tasks that would be completed and then discussed at a second face to face session

  • That second session took place w/c 6th July and work continued to follow the subject specification, primarily consisting of note taking and retrieval style tasks/exam questions to check understanding.  

COVID Contingencies – from Sept 2020

Following the full re-opening of school on 9th Sept, after a scheduled 7-week summer, students have experienced further disruption due to numerous confirmed Covid cases in school. 

  • The need for some students to self-isolate and work remotely continues. 

  • Levels of staff absence due to Covid are unprecedented 

  • Online provision for self-isolating students is in place but no live teaching is taking place

Last updated October 2020