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GRIT is a course that develops ‘Girls’ Resilience in Thinking’.  It developed from the work of Angela Duckworth. Two GRIT courses run at Key Stage 3: one to year 7 and one to year 9.  

Year 7  

The year 7 course develops students’ resilience through a sequenced curriculum that covers a range of approaches to learning (i.e. problem solving, coaching) that students can transfer and apply to the wider curriculum.  The year 7 GRIT course fits under the umbrella theme of ‘becoming more learning ready’.  The beginning of the course facilitates the transition into secondary education; encouraging students to reflect on their character traits and how to become a more successful learner.  The year then develops a range of ‘success’ related skills for example: an understanding of how we learn, building learning power, resilience in learning, developing decision making and effective communication skills.   


  1. What is ‘character’?

  2. Powerful Learning

  3. Problem Solving

  4. Effective Communication

  5. Judgements and Decisions

  6. Showcase


Year 9

The year 9 course provides students with the toolkit required to be considered a professional and successful learner.  It involves a diet of lessons that prepare students for the demands of academic study; making them develop academic independence and resilience. 

The vision of the year 9 GRIT programme is to complement the wider KS3 curriculum’s revision, learning skills and study skill priorities by providing students with the lesson time to discuss the science behind how we learn, the time to practice and implement effective revision strategies and consider the important skills that make some a successful learner. 


The skills developed will be transferable to all subjects to ensure that the course is relevant and applicable to their current KS3 subjects and prepares them for the rigors and demands of GCSE study next year. 

Year 9 skills focus: study skills that progress students into professional learners.


Mrs A Findlay


A range of subject staff across school.

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