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Teaching Staff: Mrs H Tivnen


Law is not taught at Key Stage 3.


Law is not taught at Key Stage 4.


BTEC Level 3 National in Applied Law

Extended Certificate (360 GLH):

Unit 1: Dispute Solving in Civil Law (90GLH) Mandatory Unit

We all need to be aware of how civil disputes are settled and where to seek advice when things go wrong. This unit uses the law of negligence and the way in which claims, such as damage or losses resulting from a car crash or causing injury to another person, are dealt with in English law. Learners will consider how courts deal with civil law disputes, in addition to alternative methods of resolution. The basic principles of the law of negligence are considered and applied, together with sources of advice, funding, resolution and remedies.  This is an externally assessed unit.

Unit 2: Investigating Aspects of Criminal Law and the Legal System (90GLH) Mandatory Unit

Everyone has to live and operate within the law; punishments can be imposed for breach of the law. Learners will understand how laws are made and used, particularly criminal laws, and where advice on those laws can be obtained. Learners will investigate who decides the outcome of criminal cases and where advice and representation can be obtained and how it can be paid for.  This is an internally assessed unit.

Unit 3: Applying the Law (120GLH) Mandatory Unit

Crime has an enormous impact on society and particularly on those directly involved in a case. In this unit, you will be encouraged to consider the impact and consequences of crime. Learners will examine homicide offences, including murder, voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter. Learners will examine crimes against property such as theft, robbery and burglary as well as examining the law relating to arrest, detention and searching people and property. Criminal law applies to everyone and it is important that you keep up to date with changes in the law. Learners will examine case law relating to real-life crimes along with specific Acts of Parliament that relate to criminal offences and police procedures. This is an externally assessed unit.

Unit 4: Aspects of Family Law (60GLH) Optional Unit

Family law is an area of law that deals with some of the most important and sensitive aspects of our lives, with the courts mainly getting involved only when there are disputes that need to be resolved. This unit will gives learners an understanding of the laws governing parenthood and parental responsibility and will examine how the courts resolve disputes regarding children. There are various legal regulations governing our family lives and the formation of adult relationships. This unit will enable learners to understand the distinction between marriage and cohabitation and their legal consequences. Learners will examine the key requirements for the formation of a valid marriage and civil partnership and how these relationships may become either void or voidable as well as investigating how individuals may terminate their adult relationships and the financial consequences of a relationship breakdown. This is an internally assessed unit.

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