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Subjects taught at this Key Stage are English and ASDAN. We have a nurture group in Year 10 and 11 who are taught by a subject specialist with support from a member of staff from the Learning Centre.

Students studying English follow the AQA English Literature and Language syllabus' and students do their final examination of English Language in Year 10 and English Literature in Year 11.

An alternative course we offer through the department is the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE). The examination board for this qualification is ASDAN. Students studying CoPE are assessed on completed portfolio work. We offer level one and two CoPE and it is an exciting course which is entirely skills based. There are lots of opportunities for practical learning and students are involved with running a cafe in the Learning Centre. All students also take part in an enterprise which raises money for a charity as well as other fund-raising activities.


At Key Stage 3 we run a number of interventions relating to literacy and numeracy to ensure students can access the curriculum as they go through school. We also have a Year 7 nurture humanities group which teaches life skills as well as History, Geography and Religious Studies. In addition, we run an English programme called ‘Fresh Start’ for some of our Year 7 students. We also teach social skills in small groups and support students with their organisational skills.


No timetabled courses at present, but support is provided for students with education, health and care plans, or for students on the SEND register. We organise support in lessons and access arrangements for exams.


Mrs N Swan


HLTA: Mrs A Kirkup, Mrs C Gills 

Teaching Assistants: Miss D Rowell, Mrs T Stephenson, Mrs N Walker, Mrs F Nicholson, Miss B Gill, Miss S Maughan

Members of staff from the department act as keyworkers for all students on the SEND register to help and support them throughout their time at Sacred Heart.

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