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Brown Wins Boxing Bout!

We are proud to share a fantastic result of Layla's first ever fight!

The Year 10 students was in the ring with a woman in her weight category who (due to boxing rules differing from other sports) was much older and arguably more experienced.

However, Layla showed skill and resilience to gain her first boxing victory. It takes grit and determination to train regularly to be fit enough to enter the ring - let alone to win!

Layla said: "On the 23rd March I fought at the federation brewery in Gateshead where I fought in front of hundreds of people. It was my first boxing fight and my opponent was 10 years older than me which was very scary at first but I put the nerves aside and focused on my skills to which I then beat her with a TKO 20 seconds into the third round.

I started boxing as my dad and brother have both done it and decided to do it for some self defence and fitness but I ended up loving it more than anything!! I train 4-5 times a week now and I wouldn’t recommend a sport more to others it is the best for anybody whether they just want some fitness, to support mental health or to achieve a career out of it. Get involved by looking at some clubs in your area, email the coach and you’ll never look back."

Well done, Layla!



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