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We are thrilled to share the remarkable accomplishments of our talented students who have recently completed an innovative creative project named ‘We Come From…’. This project aimed to build students’ confidence in musical expression and creativity, whilst broadening their musical horizons. The project received recognition at the prestigious North-East Creative Schools Conference. Taking a proactive approach, funding was awarded to initiate a special arts project that would break traditional boundaries and inspire students to explore new ways of expressing themselves musically.

The project involved collaborating with locally-based practitioners, including the poet Katharine Goda and composer Eleanor Boehringer who led workshops with groups of Year 8 and 10 students, offering unique perspectives and approaches. The collaboration between external practitioners, students and our staff led to the development of new, imaginative soundscape compositions that showcased the diverse backgrounds and personalities within our school community.

The scheme included workshops with poet Katharine Goda, where students could delve into the world of words and emotions. Following this, two workshops with composer Eleanor Boehringer allowed the students to translate their poems into musical compositions, resulting in a creative fusion of poetry and sound art.

The workshops received glowing reviews from our students, with their feedback reflecting genuine enjoyment and appreciation for the creative process. The final pieces were unveiled at a launch event where students were surprised with a beautiful book documenting their work.

We are immensely proud of the achievements of our staff and students in this creative project, which not only allowed them to develop their creative composition and poetry skills but also to express themselves authentically in a new way. The success of this project underscores our commitment to providing a dynamic and enriching arts education to students at Sacred Heart.



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