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Happy World Book Day!

This year we celebrated World book Day with a range of activities.

There was a teachers dress up in ‘Dickensian’ themed dress up with a quiz for students to work out who all the characters were.

Students joined in the fun by coming to school with a book themed/character themed accessory.

There was a competition during form time where students listened to recordings of teachers from around school reading out an extract from various openings to children's novels - students had to guess the book and the teacher. 

Students in Key Stage 3 joined in with the 'Tasty Tales with a Twist'; a competition to write a story with a food connection in whatever way they wish to incorporate it!

We also had a ‘drop everything and read’ during last lesson – All period 5 teachers that day had copies of a short story for all to read along with.

There is also an 'audible' version available, read out by some guest teachers from around school, so all could listen to the story being read as they read along. 

And as the story was titled 'Lamb to the Slaughter' there was also have lamb on the menu at lunch that day too!


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