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A special guest for General RE

Last week during General RE, our Year 12 and 13 students enjoyed a visit from Cloud Singh from the Northeast Sikh Services.

The students were asked to think of questions related to Sikhism before Cloud's visit, as he prefers to have Q&A discussion regarding his faith and beliefs. During each session, Cloud was asked a multitude of questions, varying form general Sikh beliefs about God; worship and how Sikhs practice their faith, to more personal questions regarding conversion and religious experiences.

Students were particularly interested in learning about Cloud's beliefs on dealing with anger and frustration at the evil and suffering in the world, and how his religious beliefs have impacted his friendship groups.

Both year groups thoroughly enjoyed the time with Cloud and have said how much they respected his views regarding some deep philosophical discussions.

As usual, Cloud was incredibly articulate and respectful, making sure he answered each question in as much detail as possible. We hope to invite Cloud into school again so that the students can experience his kindness and dedication in discussing the importance of interfaith dialogues.

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