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Sacred Heart 180 Celebrations at Fenham

Our Goals Coordinator and the RS department worked with students to officially mark the launch of Sacred Heart’s 180th Birthday celebrations, where students were invited to give thanks to the Society, our Sisters and to our school community.

Some of the reflections from students were incredibly touching and a small selection are added here for you to see.

Each student received their Sacred Heart lollipop and the balloons have been collected to create a whole school display with, after the Christmas holidays.

Further to this, a small group of our Goals Ambassadors joined together for a prayer reflection, to mark the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Each student lit a candle and shared a characteristic of Mary they wished to emulate in their own lives.

They returned to their Tutor Groups, ready to share their experience with their peers. All students in the above picture do have photo consent.

There was truly a lovely atmosphere felt around school.

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