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Unifrog webinars - February - April - Half Term 4

Unifrog has published this half term's webinar programme.

The programmes are available to all students with a Unifrog account and usually are set at convenient times outside of school hours but you must preregister via the link.

They can also be viewed after the webinar is completed, so don't worry if you think you've missed one or the timing isn't convenient.

The link is

This half term's webinars cover:

  • Skill development workshop: Develop your innovation skills with Ford Motor Company, design the car of the future and enter into their competition

  • Unifrog Next Steps Student Fair

  • Explore degrees in sustainability

  • Study at a city university

  • Study at a rural university

  • Study at a selective university

  • Study at a specialist arts university

  • Study at a campus university

  • Study at a modern university

  • Study in Scotland

  • Study in Wales

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