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DofE Gold Award Success

In July 2023, two Year 13 students - Holly Stevenson and Surina Singh - completed their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards. The Gold Award takes a lot of commitment and hard work to achieve. Students must complete over 140 hours of extracurricular activities, a tough 4-day expedition and also a residential activity for 5 days.

The Gold award includes:

  • Volunteering section: 12 (or 18) months

  • Physical and Skills sections: One section for 12 (or 18) months and the other section for 6 months

  • Expedition section: 4 days walking and 3 nights camping

  • Residential section: Undertake a shared activity in a residential setting away from home for 5 days and 4 nights

Both students showed great organisational skills, teamwork and resilience in achieving this award. Huge congratulations to them both for going above and beyond.


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