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Goals Ambassador Training

Poppy, in Year 12, reflects on her experience of Goals Ambassador Training:

A couple of weeks ago, the elected goals ambassadors from every form group came together to learn more about each goal, refine our skills and understand how we can spread these goals within our Sacred Heart community.

  • Personal Growth

  • Social Awareness

  • Intellect

  • Community

  • Faith

As a school, we strive to make sure we can implement the goals whenever and wherever we can. Within the training session we discussed how we can do this more thoroughly whilst also paying close attention to this year's goal: PERSONAL GROWTH

What did the training consist of?

In our year groups, we were asked what we believed played a central and crucial role in personal development and some examples of what we’d developed.

There was a multitude of answers ranging across all year groups, with ambassadors from Year 7 understanding how they had grown as they had handled the jump from primary to secondary school all the way to the Year 13’s acknowledging how much hard work they are putting into their studies.

We then came back together and came up with some ideas regarding fundraising linking to this idea of personal growth. Mrs Mason and Mrs Vare also discussed how, as ambassadors, we could get our forms involved in Canny Friday by collecting tins to deliver to our local food bank.

Mrs Mason also came up with an idea to promote positivity and development using a calendar and, once again in our year groups, we started discussing activities that we could add to the calendar everyday so people can feel like they have grown and accomplished something special.

These included:

  • Have a self-care night!

  • Spend time with your friends and family!

  • Be honest with people today!

  • Do something to make someone smile! (My personal favourite!!)


Many of our Sixth Formers will be involved in delivering candy canes to the younger years in school, as a special gift for friends to give each other during the festivities!

It is also extremely important to ensure we are continuously striving to implement all the goals within our school and whether this be helping someone who needs it or just cheering up a friend with a laugh, the Sacred Heart Fenham students never fail to bring a smile to people’s faces!


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