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Junior LitSoc: CEO Tracy Playle speaks about Writing in the Workplace

Tracy Playle, CEO of local business Pickle Jar Communications, came to speak to Junior LitSoc today about Writing in the Workplace. Tracy introduced the concept of “Content”, rather than words or copy – because she needs to think about images, videos and sounds through her work.

She firstly talked about being a UX Writer – thinking about User Experience and gave real-world examples of how commands on websites can generate more or fewer sales depending on very subtle word choices by the UX Writer.

She talked about Inclusive Language – and I noted that she very deliberately used the plural pronoun ‘we’ throughout – making sure all the members of LitSoc felt included and began to see themselves as writers.

She explained what her own company did – provided content to places of Higher Education and also how, unlike what you might imagine, her life involves a huge amount of travel and presenting to clients across the world – not exactly the image of a writer in a garret!

She was really engaging and spoke about being the first in her family to go to University and how she got from starting a PhD in Black American Literature, to creating content, to being the CEO of a flourishing company. Another really inspiring talk on how Literature can take you in so many different directions!


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