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Newcastle Youth Council and Youth Parliament Elections 2024

The notice below is from Newcastle City Council:

Youth Council is a Citywide model of Youth Democracy and a way for young people in the City to have their voices heard and acted on by decisions makers.  It provides a collective voice for the elected Youth Councillors , where they can tackle the issues that matter to young people across the City together. In Newcastle we are keen that our process mirrors the adult election where possible.  This FAQ guide should provide all of the information you need about this.


What is Youth Parliament?

Youth Parliament is a national organization coordinated by British Youth Council.  It allows two young people from Newacstle to represent the City on a national level, which includes debating at the House of Commons.


Does Newcastle not already have a Youth Council?


No, our last Youth Council came to an end in 2021 and was paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless we have continued to work with groups of children and young people across the city, including our Youth Panel that makes decisions on the youth projects that the Council funds.


When will the Youth Council and Youth Parliament elections take place?


Work in preparation for the Youth Council and Youth Parliament elections has already started. It will continue up to Thursday March 14th, 2024, which is the proposed voting day.


Who can stand for election?


To be eligible to stand for election young people must:

·         Live, work or study in Newcastle OR be looked after by Newcastle City Council

·         Be aged 11 – 17 on the election date – Thursday 14th March 2024.


Young people standing for election should also:

·         Be interested in issues that impact on young people in the city

·         Be able to dedicate at least couple of hours a month for two years

·         Be able to travel into Newcastle for monthly meetings.


If young people are interested in finding out more they should complete the following Expression of Interest that is now live 


 How many seats will there be?


There will be 19 seats across the two groups. Of these, 16 will be directly elected through the election process and a further 3 young people will be nominated from the Council’s existing Children’s Social Care and Special Educational Needs and Disability groups.


The successful candidates will be announced at an event on the 15th March 2024 following a formal count.


What are the other ways young people can get involved?


We hope to work with schools and youth organisations across the city to ensure every young person knows about the opportunity and is encouraged to get involved. Getting involved might mean standing as a candidate, listening to what candidates have to say, and ultimately voting. If young people or partners have other suggestions on how to help young people get involved please just let us know.


We want as many young people to stand in the elections as possible so that we have a Youth Council that celebrates the diversity and variety of skills of young people in the City.


What are the benefits for young people involved?


•      Have their voices heard and make change

•      Meet new people and make friends

•      Volunteering experience to add to CV

•      Increase their confidence and develop other skills such as public speaking

•      Learn more about how democracy works

•      No cost to young people or their families – all travel and event costs met.


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