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Poppy Watkins for Youth Parliament!

Poppy Watkins is a Year 12 student at Sacred Heart. Poppy is an aspiring politician and is hoping to be elected to the Newcastle Youth Parliament on Thursday 14th March.

All students at Sacred Heart will be able to easily vote in the upcoming election as we are also a nominated polling station for the event.

Youth Parliament is a national organization coordinated by British Youth Council. It allows two young people from Newcastle to represent the City on a national level, which includes debating at the House of Commons. There will be 19 seats across the two groups. 

Poppy believes, "You should vote me for your Newcastle Youth Parliament because I am a dedicated student with a deep commitment to feminism and gender equality, I believe it's time for us to ignite change. Together, let's build a more inclusive and equitable Newcastle! Your vote would mean the world to me – every vote counts. THANK YOU!!!"

Good luck, Poppy!


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