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Sporting Superstars - Sophia Kalingking

“I wanted to try a new sport so I decided to try volleyball. I went to the volleyball club in school around June/July 21 where I learnt that I enjoyed the sport more then I thought I would. I decided to join a volleyball club outside of school , Newcastle Panthers. I joined in late August 2021 and have been going ever since.

I train on Tueday nights from 6-10pm and sometimes on Sundays at 1-3pm. On Tuesday from 6-8pm I train with the intermediate group. I play for the Purple Panthers team which consists of players from the intermediate group. We are not in an official league but usually have matches against other teams who are also not in a league. From 8-10 pm I train with the advanced group. I also play for the Pink Panthers which consists of players from the advanced group. We play in the ladies division. Currently there is only one ladies division but the standard of playing is quite high as all the teams in the division are strong and experienced.

I’d recommend volleyball because it's an exciting sport with each game being different from the last. There are many skills to learn. It also helps improve confidence and decision-making skills as well as improving your communication skills. It's a fun way to make new friends too. I've met some of my closest friends from playing volleyball.”



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