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Year 12 Peer Support

Year 12 students have completed their peer support training.

Two Y12 students are assigned to each Y7 form class and they commit to at least one, but usually two, time slots each week to visit the form class and build relationships with the students, with a view to supporting students in their transition to Sacred Heart with a friendly face and the wisdom of having 5 yrs experience at Sacred Heart already!

Our Y12 act as bridge - giving support and advice, but also helping the Y7s liaise with staff if/when needed. Peer Supporters help in many ways, like supporting Y7 in finding their way around school or knowing how to replace a planner or use the money machine. They also engage in class quizzes or games to help build relationships as a form class and develop the confidence of our new students.

The Peer Support group is constantly checking in with our school counsellor and their training helps them to fulfil their roles safely and enthusiastically.



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