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The Farrell Centre Yr10 Visit

‘The city is a work in progress. Everyone has a role to play in changing it for the Better’

Farrell Centre

Our Yr10 G.C.S.E. textiles students visited the Farrell Centre to take part in a vibrant and inspiring educational visit. This included an exhibition tour, a hands-on making session, offering students a new way of looking at the city and world around them, whilst also working in sync with the National Curriculum to build in skill, Knowledge and understand to support sustainable project development.

The guided tour of the exhibition was incredibly informative and an insightful look into sustainability and how to reimagine materials. The talk was a great insight into looking at design from the perspective of a total sustainable practice.

The current exhibition looks at sustainable architecture, planning and the built environment as an integral part of our daily life. These ideas and concepts encourage and inspired our students in exploring our built environment, helping them understand the world around us. The concept to encourages designers to be active participants, asking questions and making changes for a sustainable future.

The workshop was facilitated by a professional artist from the Farrell Centre and provided students with specific hands-on skills, invaluable in exploring, experimenting with line, colour and pattern to create a good range of prints suitable to add to their G.C.S.E textiles portfolio work.


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