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Wickets Tumble, Barriers Crumble: The Cricket Season Begins!

On Wednesday 28th February we hosted the first cricket tournament of the season: Newcastle School’s U13’s Indoor Cricket Competition.

Since September, we have been working with Northumberland Cricket Board to get more girls engaged in cricket, forming a link with Benwell Cricket Club to enable over 150 students to play cricket either in their lessons or in club, with a qualified coach.

Of these students, 11 were selected to represent the school at this event. Our girls put on a fantastic performance. They worked hard throughout the day, developing their teamwork and tactics over the 6 fixtures.

Unfortunately, they did not make the top spot overall; congratulations to JPA who will represent Newcastle in the following county round. Nevertheless, we are proud of our students for their consistent effort and positive attitude.

A special mention to some students who displayed some exceptional skills: Daniela's undisputed commitment to fielding (sliding!) and high-scoring batting of 29 runs; Jessica’s magic hand, making a one-handed left-handed catch out; Daisy’s batting to achieve a hattrick of ‘6’s’; Rhema’s ability to literally put her body on the line.

Well done, girls!

Finally, a huge thank you to three of our sixth former sports leaders, Maisie, Rikki and Sophie, who were learning umpiring on-the-go. The girls officiated every fixture and did a brilliant job ensuring a fair game, whilst presenting themselves as role models to the U13 competitors.


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