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Year 7 Spelling Bee

At the end of November, our Year 7 students took part in a Spelling Bee to promote literacy and oracy skills. This was a great event that put our most courageous spellers to the test.

Every form put forward a competitor that battled it out in the Tutor Group Heats; they were fantastic. Although it was hard, we finally managed to get down to our final 4 spellers - Ghalia, Fernanda, Ugonma and Fatima.

The Final consisted of some English key words on Victorian Literature, a Humanities round and some notoriously difficult words to spell.

The audience participation for this was superb; it was lovely to see so many of our Year 7s come along to cheer for the contestants. (Some even with their favourites written on their whiteboards!)

Well done to all of our students that took part and especially the winner - Fernanda from 7RSS.



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