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It was great to have the Ski Trip running again this month, after a 4-year break. 40 Year 9 students went to Les Menuires in France for a week of skiing, experiencing life in the Alps and learning a little French along the way.  Students had 4 hours of skiing lessons a day - not only a big physical effort but also a mental one! 

On day one there was a fair amount of falling, bumping into each other and learning to get up again with skis on but by the end of the week everyone was skiing down the mountain to the hotel from 2800m! The skiing skills of the whole group improved dramatically throughout the week, and the ‘Courage and Confidence Curly Wurly’ was awarded to those who demonstrated impressive determination and a supportive attitude each day.

One student, who had skied before, demonstrated courage and maturity by joining a group that she didn’t know to progress her skills. At the end of the week she was entered into the assessment for a Silver Award, but she did so well she came away with the Gold Level Award instead! Well done Martha!

After skiing, there were opportunities to take in activities such as ‘La Mine’ (essentially a sledge on rails); to enjoy the 60th birthday celebrations of the Les Menuires resort; to take part in a bin bag fashion show; to compete in a mini Winter Olympic Games; and to visit some of the French shops within the resort.

We are so proud of the behaviour, resolve and attitude of all students on the trip and trust that they enjoyed it as much as the staff did. Mrs Palmer is now a committed skier and is ready to take on the red runs (as long as they aren’t too icy)!

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