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Beamish Suffragette Rallies

Year 9 have visited Beamish to explore the role of suffragettes in securing the vote for all women in Britain by 1928. Alongside preparing debates and protest banners, students learned of their local history and the struggle for women's suffrage at Beamish Open Air Museum. Stephanie Ojebuovboh, 9A, explains what happened on the day.

During our visit to Beamish, we dressed up in our chosen roles e.g. a female suffragette and held a rally, arguing against anti-suffragettes, shouting our group motto and marching down Beamish High Street. I really enjoyed this part, as it made me feel that I was actually fighting for women's suffrage and that I was actually present in the pre-war era. After this, we read out our speeches and debated the effects of granting women the vote.

Our class had the chance to explore the town, as well as the village, and learn about what it was like to live in the early 20th century. I found out some very interesting facts while I was there e.g., in the morning and afternoon there were fewer girls attending school than boys, because of the duties they were expected to perform at home.

I believe that learning about women's suffrage is very important as it shows people that women went through immense pain and prejudice just to gain rights and equality. I also believe that women's suffrage is very important as it shows us that the reason women are allowed to vote today is because of the suffrage movement. To conclude, I really enjoyed my experience at beamish and hope to go again with my family.



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