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Sci-Fair Winners

20 Sacred Heart students participated in the annual Sci-Fair, held on 13th March at Newcastle Civic Centre.

Sci-Fair is an exciting opportunity for students interested in STEM beyond the academic curriculum, to design their own project about sustainability. This competition allowed them to gain confidence in their research and innovative skills as well as explore the scientific world independently.

Sci-Fair is an event held every year during British Science Week at Newcastle University.

Sacred Heart students were successful with two winning projects.

The most creative project was won by Rebecca Jacob, Kirsty Mowat, Sophie Stevenson and Ruby Taylor with their work: “We could stop runaway climate change: but should we?”

Most innovative project was won by Molly Murray, Libby Reilly, Eva Curran and Vesta Kausilaite with their work: “Milk into Plastic”.

We are very proud of all their achievements.



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