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Sixth Form Culture Week

We want everyone in our Sixth Form to have a voice and be heard and with our Sixth Form students representing over thirty different countries, we felt we needed to celebrate this within our school community by hosting a Culture Week.

The week involved dance and language workshops, an afternoon filled with students demonstrating their traditional dress, fashion, festivals, and live music performances coupled with educational context regarding customs and cultures, as well as Henna application throughout the week.

Our community is one of equality, diversity and inclusion and this week allowed us to inform and educate each other on our individual heritage, traditions, and cultures. The week was organised, planned, and implemented by two Year 13 students, Tanisha and Jazell. They communicated the vision they’d had for over a year with me and executed it brilliantly.

We decorated the Sixth Form building with flag bunting to celebrate all the countries our Sixth Form students represent. I am extremely proud of the girls delivering such a remarkable event and it’s become a yearly calendared event. Mrs Tivnen.



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