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Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Earlier this year the Sacred Heart Modern Foreign Languages department hosted some translation workshops for Year 10 students who were interested in participating in the Anthea Bell Competition.

The Anthea Bell Competition for Young Translators is run by Queen's College at Oxford University and involves students completing a creative translation independently. A creative translation is one in which the translator attempts to most accurately convey the meaning and the feel of the original text. This involves spending time understanding the context of the original and then deciding how best to use the target language to convey the essence of the text.

Following the workshops, the students were given six weeks to complete their translations for the competition, with successful entrants going forth to be considered at a regional level. We are thrilled to announce that three of our students won regionally with their submissions.

The winning students are:

Angelica O - Year 10 - French Level 3

Bruna G - Year 10 - Spanish Level 3

Chloe P - Year 7 - French Level 1

All of the translations completed by our students were fantastic and we are extremely proud of them and their hard work! A big congratulations to those students who went on to become Regional Winners, considering that 15,000 pupils took part in the competition nationally!



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