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This Is Creative Enterprise - Northumbria University Design School workshops

TICE Fashion students from Yr9 had the wonderful opportunity to take part in a broad range of exciting workshops at Northumbria School of Design. Students were able to develop their projects using fashion photography and illustration whilst working alongside creative professionals, University lecturers and TICE mentors.

Our students explored a range of activities to support their knowledge and understanding of fashion branding and fashion communication; all whilst progressing with their project designed to thoughtfully reflect consumer behaviours relevant to the current issues present in society.

Prior to the creative workshops Student advanced their understanding and skills in working through the design briefs chosen, including.

  • Full Spectrum - With this project, students explored the rise of craft core which is an expressive DIY aesthetic that combines activism and self-expression.

  • Retold Vintage - The project is about identity and personality through vintage fashion. Students explored self-reflective practices as well as interview techniques, video production and video editing, storytelling and honest marketing.

  • Psychoanalyse, what? - Within this project, students worked as a fashion communicator for the Bella Freud team and promoted a new 'word' jumper. They designed and created a 'zine that showcases their inspiration for the word jumper.

The Students enjoyed this opportunity and gained lots of experience and inspiration for their projects while also gaining invaluable insights into the multitude of creative careers.

We’re looking forward to showcasing the final outcomes and portfolios.



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