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Just before half term, Year 8 students got to enjoy another exciting two-night retreat at the Emmaus Village with the Youth Ministry Team. As always, our students embraced every opportunity this spiritually enriching experience offered them. Olive and Martha from Year 8 shared how being on retreat gave them the chance to spend time with friends and enjoy being part of the Sacred Heart community:

“We would recommend the Youth Village retreat to anyone who has the chance to do it. It is an opportunity to make new friends and to become closer to the friends you already have. We really enjoyed the opportunity to reflect and to have some quiet time away from the chaos of life. Our favourite part was when we played a huge game of capture the flag, even though it was pouring with rain! It was very funny because no one had the nerve to go into the other team's territory. We also enjoyed the time we had to do what we wanted where we hung out in our chalets and played games and did Just Dance with our teachers. Overall, it was a time to relax, have fun and reflect!”



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