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Duck Day allows students in Year 8 the opportunity to learn about running a company and trying to make a profit from selling paper ducks that they make. Year 8 students are mixed with another class from their year group, to form teams which they remain in for the session. This encourages students to work with other members of their year group, who they may not have met or had the opportunity to work with before.

Their team forms a company and everyone has a different role: a buyer, an accountant, a seller and duck constructers. Each role has a different responsibility, such as creating a sales pitch for the buying panel or remembering to pay the bills and wages for their workers.

The session is broken down into imaginary working days, with each day of the week having a different type of duck in demand. The day which students enjoy the most is usually Friday, where they have to create a slogan, dance or song to accompany their sales pitch to the buying panel. There are prizes to be won for the team who makes the most profit by the end of the session, as well as the student who manages to make the smallest duck.

The staff members involved in the sessions take on the roles of shop keeper, accountant, buyer or they get involved by supporting with the production of the ducks. Feedback from everyone involved in Sacred Heart ‘duck days’ is always positive!



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