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Bishop Stephen’s Mass of Welcome and Commitment

On Friday, 29th September we attended Bishop Stephen’s welcome and commitment mass at St Mary’s cathedral. This was an uplifting celebration where Bishop Stephen recognised the great work that the schools in our diocese do in providing a Catholic education for the children in our. Bishop Stephen shared his own educational journey with us and how it played an invaluable role in shaping the person he is today.

The mass was also an opportunity for school leaders to renew their commitment to education, as we were reminded of Pope Francis’ words, ‘To be a teacher is to live a mission.’ This is an extract from the prayer of blessing that will hopefully serve as a reminder to us all;

"May our Catholic schools and Trusts always be places where children and young people discover that they are known and loved by the Lord in their uniqueness. May they know that our Lord Jesus Christ is present to them throughout their education. May the gift of faith inspire them, the gift of hope encourage them and the gift of love sustain them as they strive to live out their unique mission in the world."

We look forward to welcoming Bishop Stephen to our school very soon.


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